Program creates lines after slice



Models from exocad, after sclicing i get lines at the pics. Sonic 4k xl



Yes this is because of errors in the model , happens in V1036 only becuase of some speed ups we made.
We’ve fixed it, or better to say, made it more robust for error models which will be released in the next version.

Options you have:

  1. turn on GPU slicing (machine slice setup -> uncheck force CPU)
  2. use V1035 in the mean time.
  3. fix the model with the repair



My first option was to use model repair and I did it, but then program crashed during slicing. Then I installed 1035 and problem was fixed. Thank you


mm strange.
Wel to be honest; i’ve seen some files last days that even Netfabb doesn’t repair.
These strange lines appear because triangles are inverted in the file. I have no clue how exocad does it but the topology of these meshes is wrong. So it generates an invalid division trying to calculate the slice plane.

We’ve reverted to a more robust calculation of the slice plane, be it a little bit slower.
It will be in V1037 as said… hopefully coming in 1-2 weeks.