Slice file will not print. Printer shows "Different Resolution with Projector! - 2400"


After slicing file and attempting to print the printer reads out that error message and refuses to print the file.

When reviewing the sliced file using uvtools (3rd party program) the machine listed is a Creality LD-002R.

I am not sure if the error is because I am using the the epax x10 4k profile when my machine is the epax e10. I will attempt to slice the file using the default profile and see if issue persists.



The machine listed is just a default string. Still need to change it. You can ignore it as it’s not being used.

The project size is a different thing. Do you know the pixel resolution of your machine?
It can be easily set in the machine config. Also make sure the size in millimeters of the build table is correct as this is required for the resolution of each pixel to be correct.



Thank you for the quick response.

The Epax X10 4k and the Epax E10 have the same build volume and pixel resolution.

The pixel resolution and build volume of the x10 4k (which is the available printer profile in Formware at this time) and the E10 should be identical as per Epax’s user manual. (

I sent a support email to Epax and will await their response as well.

As a workaround I used the “Export to program as .stl” to export the file to Lychee Slicer. Sliced the file and It is currently printing without any problem.

I do not know how subjective I am being but reviewing the sliced file from Formware and comparing it to the file from Lychee it seems like the Formware sliced file is more detailed and a “truer” representation of the model, there is also an odd artifact that was created with the lychee slice that wasn’t there with the Formware slice.


Hi Jake,

I think the profile in our database was defined wrong in that X and Y are now switched.
So X should be 3840 pixels. (it was 2400) and vica versa.
I’ve copied a profile and renamed it E10 with the settings reversed.
That will probably do the trick. (checked it with the profile from chitubox)

Regarding slicing; it’s hard to base a conclusion on 1 file.

There is more info regarding the workings of the 2 cores (CPU or GPU) that we use here:

Both have their downsides and advantages. Simply put if you are slicing 1 file CPU will be fast. If you are slicing multiple very detailed files GPU will always win.
Outputs of both engines may vary a little depending on your hardware.

As far as I can see Lychee only uses a GPU based slice engine. Chitubox does it on the CPU.
With formware you have the option to use both ways whatever you see fit.
(in the config -> machine setup -> slice setup tab -> there’s a toggle ‘force CPU slicing’ )



Interesting read, thank you!


That fixed the issue btw!