Some great prints


We do a lot of fussing about features and such here, and I though some kudos for this amazing software are in order! Without question FormWare produces the most logical and effective support structures of anything I’ve tried. I had a lot of difficulty getting this to print well using Prusa, and ended up with tons of supports just to get it to run. FormWare did a beautiful job with it! This was printed in EPAX/ESUN resin mix on a Kelant s400s.

Leftovers from another piece, just look at that gorgeous fan of supports! (supporting a circular opening) :slight_smile:


Hi Pedro,

I only see it now :wink: just to much to do.

Thanks for the amazing pictures, very much appreciated!



still see some single columns that should have been branched by the algoritm… by the way :wink:


Haha thanks! I guess the manually added supports don’t connect themselves up to existing colums/branches? I might have made a feature request for that lol… adding them manually for now. Thankfully these stood up to the pull anyway!


Looks great! I’m testing the software now and so far I’m very impressed. Support generation is very effective indeed and I love the mesh editing funtions.