Stops after first exposure


I tried the software for the first time a few days ago with my Mars 3. Unfortunately it didnt go so well, the printer stopped (just didnt do anything) after the very first layer exposure was finished.

I have used the printer with Lychee and of course Chitubox before and after this and it works as normal. Machine uses the currently new firmware.


Hi Kitewinds,

This was a problem with the resting time that I forgot to divide by 1000.
milliseconds -> seconds.

So either update to the latest release online.
Or change the resting times values from say 3000 ms to 3 ms… in order to get them correctly.

Sorry… it’s a headache for everybody all these different formats. Hope printer builders stop this at some point coming up with another format of the same data…


Ok, thanks for info! I’ll try again with the newer version then.