Support tips are hollowed?


I tried to print this figurine now several times, and the part is always breaking of the support structure. It does
not even print on the supports. So I looked into the sliced pictures, and found the following.
The support tips are hollowed in the middle. That clearly explaines why the part will not print on the supports.
Is this intentional? How can this be changed or skipped?
Here my settings: (it is a flexible material, so I need tougher foot structure)

We´ll have a look at this two support tips:

Here some views of the slices:
next layer:

next layer:

two layers later, almost gone:

three layers later, model starts to rise around the hollow support:

next support starts to hollow:

other supports doing the same, enough now:

Is that a normal behavior?

Best regards, Chris


Ok, found one interesting thing on this topic:

This effect happens only, when after copying the parts the support bottom touches each other!
Left side is sliced with support bottoms touching each other, middle window (inside blue box) is
sliced with spacing 3mm between the parts. (before is -2mm spacing)
Slice shows the same layer, just moved parts:

So lets slice this, and see what happens: (middle figurines touching, left and right are free)

Again layer 314:

All parts free:

Layer 314:

Hopefully this helps you finding the problem.
Why I do let them touch? Some small parts are grouped together to one long row
of parts, so cleaning and removing from build plate is easier. It also stucks better
to buildplate.
Please try to fix this problem.

Thanks, Best regards, Chris


One more:
When saving the part and support structure as one stl, and then import in formware, I can group them
together with touching, and the effect does not happen:
For me this is a workaround at the moment, although it makes a lot of additional work of course.


Hi Chris,

Which printer/slice procedure/version are you using?

We made some optimizations in the CPU algoritm that split unions of sliced curves to boundingboxes of parts as this saves lots of time.

I made some tests but i’m not able toduplicate this behaviour.
Are you able to send me the .fw3d file of 1 item over email? or wetransfer?
I could check if it’s already fixed in the development version.