Transition layers function


Hello this is my first post, I would like to see if in Formware it is possible to activate transition layers I use that function in difficult resins and large prints, in Chitubox for sonic 4k and in Cura for Moai, but I cannot find that function in Formware, thanks



Currently we don’t have this option build in.
If you have a more expensive machine with custom GCode options you can use our gcode scripter that gives you 100% freedom.



I don’t know nothing about gcode and I don’t have any interest in learn this.
I’m designer and i don’t have time for this.
I advise you to include this option as it solves many problems


Hi Nano,

What problems does it solve in your opinion?



Sometimes I have to use “difficult” resins for jewelry or to save shipping from China, the sudden change in speed makes that layer peel off, sometimes total and many partial, with this option that never happens


nothing to answer?
you will include this or not???


hello Elco
are you there???


Today I used for the first time printing on my Moai without vat inclination, in formware the impression failed on the layer where the printing speed changes, but in Cura activating 12 transition layers, the printer was a success.
please i want to use formware for everything
are you there???


Hi Nano,

Sorry slow reply; we had to move offices/workshop.

I will discuss it here on what the priority should be of this.
My business partner did a lot of printing lately and i’ll check what he thinks and how we should implement it.

In general it’s not a super easy change to make as it requires a lot of interface work and coding to do it correctly.



ok thanks for let me know.