Unable to Export printjob in required format


Hi all,

I have only recently started using this program but am unsure on how to rectify this. I am using the Anycubic Photon Mono 4k printer which requires a .pwma formatting for jobs. Which is also set as the output type when slicing. However whenever I try and export a file it will always save as a .pwmx format which will not work with my printer.

Any help in this would be fantastic


The second picture as, I am limited to uploading 1 picture at a time as Im a new user


Hi BioMass,

Which version are you using of the software?
I think I had a bug when we released this format for a couple of days in there; it had the correct file content belonging to pwma; just the wrong extension. (copy paste error on my side).
I checked the current version; which exports pwma.
So you can either update, or change the file extension manually.

As a side note; these file formats are all very similar.
There’s only a version integer 1, 515 or 516 which determines what blocks. See below.

kind regards




Thank you for the quick response, I had updated to the latest version as my new printer wasnt on the list of available printers.
Apparently since opening this ticket and now checking it again to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes, it now magically wants to work as intended.

So my apolagies and thanks for the response



ok great. thx for the short feedback.