Unvisible copies of linked copies remain after "new file"


When I want to change to a new file, and I press “NEW” button, the linked copies still remain visible in the part list. Visibly they are gone.
When I forget to delete them manually, an error report is given when slicing.
The error was there before I updated to 1064 version. With 1064 it slices - But I don´t want to try the result.

Another topic: Is there any way to link a saved printing file (.fw3d) to a specific printer?
When I open a new file, I also need to manually change the printer model. Anyway to save this together with the file?

after hitting “NEW”

after opening new file, they are still in the list - but not shown:

Best regards, Chris


thx chris i will check this.

no printers are are independent of the fw3d file. It’s just the 3d parts.
could be added however… might make sense.