Version very slow


hi my version is working very slow, basically I cant do nothing, thanks


turn off the crease display (under appearance)
99% sure this is the cause.

we’ll upload a new version in 1-2 days. I’m finishing a last bug today.



I’ve pushed the installer to the website.



Hey Elco,
just wanted to install latest version - Thanks for your quick support and updates.
But now the installer runs into this problem:

Deleting the folder “nl-NL” completely solves the problem, and installer is running all through.
Just for your information.

Best regards, Chris


ok thx. we still need to update to win11 here… no clue if it’s that or just disk permissions.
The installers we currently use are default microsoft ones… so not our code.

What happened to the title bar… it looks missaligned in win11 :frowning:


Hey Elco

It is not Win11 - Its Win10 64bit …

Best regards, Chris