View options disappeared from toolbar


Since installing and now also with, the view toolbar has disappeared from the main toolbar at the top of the screen.

UPDATE: The only way I have been able to get them back is to add them to the Edit toolset. Very annoying as I use the View toolset all of the time when supporting a model, so having the entire set visible is a must



There’s a new setting that toggle the location of the view state tools.
By default i’ve moved them to the bottom of the 3d view as I believe this is a better place; as they are not really ‘commands’ but more ‘state toggles’ of what/how the 3d view is shown.

It basically looks for the toolbar with name=View, and puts that in the botto mof the 3d view.

you can put them back in the top by the setting:



@formware That’s done the trick, thanks Elco!