Weird Duplicated, Squashed, Prints


I’m evaluating Formware for use in our Makerspace/Education/Fabrication center, to run our two resin printers:

  • original Peopoly Moai
  • Wanhao Duplicator 7 plus

I started with the D7, as it was recently donated, and being an LCD based printer, I figured it would be easier to get working.

My test print is the famous “moonbase” downloaded from MyMiniFactory.

In FormWare it looks like: (you’ll have to look at the images in the Google drive link below- I’m a new user, can only post one image. Basically I just dropped a single instance of the STL right of center and added autogenerated base + supports.)

And at the end of the print I get:

On the plus side, the details are there, and the print is far more consistent than my attempts with ChituBox.

I’m using the profiles that I found in this post on these forums.

I’ve looked at the generated images in the output CWS file, and they look ok. I also took a quick look at the GCode, and it looked ok, but I didn’t investigate too closely.

I did update the machine to the latest firmware available on Wanhao’s support page.

I’ve uploaded these images, the fw3d, and generated cws files to my Google drive.

Any suggestions for what to try?

Again, this is looking a lot better (in terms of details etc) than ChituBox; that is not rendering much detail; for example the “needles” at the top of the towers are completely missing.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Julian,

I had a look at your files and everything seems OK there.
After adding the machine here I noticed the default job export format was set to 8 bits (It should be 32bits)
I think this is the culprit. Could you verify this for me?

I have changed the default setting so all you have to do is reinstall the machine from the configuration menu.

Kind regards,