What a surprise - supports just disappeared!


What’s not correct with this work order:

  1. New file, import .stl, add supports, save as a .fw3d file.
  2. Repeat step 1 having multiple .fw3d files with different content.
  3. Yet another new file, this time open all created .fw3d files created prior. This to make a batch file.
  4. All opened parts are present nice and shiny with their respective supports.
  5. “Save as” Batch_2021-04-30.fw3d for a unique name. All good.

Here comes the problem:

  1. When I’m manually or by using auto nesting re-position all parts, all supports disappear!

Is this a bug/error on software side or user side? :roll_eyes:


Hi Micro,

I don’t fully understand where it goes wrong.

Any import routing/export routing basically all the same thing.
The .fw3d files are basically the ‘part tree’ for the ‘select’ amount of parts.
So at any point what you save much be exactly the same as what you open again.

Then the problem is in nesting?
I’ve try to replicate it with either the batch processor and the nesting but the supports stay.
Are you able to replicate the problem with a single part and share some screenshots?



Hi Elco,

Thx for your reply.
I’ll fix some screenshots.
Meanwhile, can the issue be caused by different support settings, especially height from build plate?



no height from the build plate should not matter…