Wrong pixel order in .Png image for mono screen



Thanks for adding .Png image for mono screen (24 bits 3 pixels in…) option in slicer.

I have 2 printers Nova3d Bene4 and Whale2 and wrote my own Java converter for them from grayscale PNG.

Your format suitable for Bene4 mono but not for Whale2 because Whale2 have reverse order of pixels.

As you can see difference in RGB order - in one case RGB in other BGR

Please add one more option where “.Png image for mono screen” have BGR order.

I killed a lot of time understanding why my printer prints with “bad resolution” when adopt my bene4 plugin to whale2.

You can check my info comparing edges of white areas in Nova3d NovaMaker slicer images. In one case edges blue at right (whale2) in other case blue at left (Bene4 mono)

I think you will appreciate my contribution to the development of your slicer :slight_smile:



Thanks for your input. I’m looking at this thinking… why would you rotate these pixels?

I mean; imagine you have an image of 9 x 1 pixels.
These all have increasing X coordinate values. Y=1.
These get then compressed into a 3 x 1 pixels image.
So storing it as 3,2,1 6,5,4, 9,8,7 is clearly wrong if you ask me.

Unless perhaps they use 32 bits images and int32 as their datatype and didn’t realize they were writing BGRA image?

What is the printer model you are using?
I looked at novamaker but i don’t know how to select Whale as a printer. It only shows model numbers.

kind regards


Another question; i see in their manuals that they have screenshots of their printers with a .SLC file.
You can also try to use SLC files? Or then you would not have a print profile probably…


Not me rotating them. Please check sliced images in NovaMaker and you will see difference

https://i.imgur.com/7Dkv0OU.png - at pic you cans see result of wrong order of pixels
https://i.imgur.com/vYqufgA.png - here all fine.

Bene4 and Whale2 use cws format only as I know