Adaptive layer thickness : Array[n] (Microns, ms couples)



Adaptive layer thickness is a great feature in your product.
Is it possible to get something explained somewhere ?

Assume I’m using Linear interpolated mode for adaptive layer thickness.
What happens if I got a 2000ms 50 microns layer and adaptive(linear) using :
Min 10 microns, 1150 ms
Max 100 microns, 2500 ms
-> 1000 + 15 X
At 50 microns layer what will be used ?
The 50 microns base setting (2000) or the linear interpolated (1000+15x50 => 1750ms) ?

May it be possible to have a deterministic or array mode where we might define desired layer heights with exposure time ?
For example an array of 4 : 10microns (1000ms),30(1320ms) and 50(2000ms) and 100(2800)
Because I tested those and I know the results against the exposure and I don’t want computed values or mid steps like 37 microns layer.




Thanks for your feedback.

Yes it’s the interpolated value.
The formula is simply y = ax + b, where b is the minimum at x=10micron, and the maximum is x=100micron with 2500ms.

We’re working in adding an extra mode; formula based. This will allow you to use the built in formula parser to create your own formula like you desire. Including IF/ELSE logic.

I’ll also add 1 extra variable for the layerNr where the model starts and support ends. With that it would be easy to generate a generic formula that prints thicker layers for supports and lower for model.
Another variable might be the face angle for a layer.

Hope to have it in there next update in a couple of weeks; but we have some commercial request currently as well.

kind regards



A simplified 3 lines array would be really good, something like :
[0;30°] : [input : layer height] [input:exposure time]
]30°;60°] : [input : layer height] [input:exposure time]
]60°;90°] : [input : layer height] [input:exposure time]

I tested with the Siraya object first with 10…100 layers and got a maximum thin of 29
It never used the 100 or even a 50 microns layer.

Then I used a 10…30 adaptive
I got thins like 11, 21, 23, 29, 17, 19…
And even 8 microns (less than the minimum) for the upper layer.

There are 3 layer height issues
1/ The slice has more quality standards than asked for (time expansive : 10 microns at some 30-60°)
2/ The layer heigths leads to unaccurate stepper motor use
3/ There can be unwanted layer thin (8 microns : too thin)

Please just a 3 lines array, no need of a new programming language.


Cool thx for your feedback.

Programming languages -> agree; it will be relatively easy to use, just a math formula on 1 line. There are more users with different use cases of course. So it should be a bit flexible.


I did a small test print last night with adaptive layer height on my Elegoo Jupiter. It worked with no issues. I’ll stress test it tonight with a larger range of layer height.


very cool! Care to share a picture of the result?