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Support for VLARE Open Slicer Format files (7)
Text box to modify Printer Model (2)
Support for Peopoly Phenom Forge (2)
Please add +select supports and some other features (1)
NOVA3D WHALE2 machine profile support. (2)
Dynamic support tip size in auto-generation (4)
Deselect from multiple selection (3)
Dead Pixel mapping (2)
Easy change from Ortho views to Perspective View (3)
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STEP/IGES support (7)
Printjob folder name, add filename (4)
Array single supports (3)
Expand 'Array Place Support' Types (8)
Cost Estimation (5)
Profile for Longer Orange 4K mono ( 2 ) (29)
Anycubic Photon X Mono (18)
Separate Part and Support Slice Post Processing (15)
Variable Z height (15)
Maybe Elegoo Mars 3 support is in the making? :) (5)
Variable exposure times for the first few layers (17)
Store last folder (5)
New support type (3)
Lift speed based on layer area (3)
True 3D Antialiasing (20)
Batch Print additions (2)
Network upload for Phrozen Mega 8K (2)
Paint supports on specific area (2)