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Phrozen Shuffle Printer add on- Machines (17)
Сonnections between single supports (7)
Phrozen Transform Profile (5)
Anycubic PhotonS pws file format (5)
Possibility to copy the profile (4)
Variable Z height (8)
Colored Bed for Peel Force (5)
Scaling in resin profile (2)
Slice Slider Bar Min and Max (2)
True 3D Antialiasing (1)
Spin center in perspective mode (1)
Add supports along a line (1)
Inverting the left layer slider (2)
CBDDLP V2 format (1)
Create real drainage holes during STL-Export (5)
Y Axis Control with the Print Controller (2)
Slice Colour Control (1)
New photon file format (3)
Add more drain hole pattern (3)
Variable exposure times for the first few layers (9)
More post processing filters (4)
Full auto process (2)
SLA distortion compensation (2)
New user a few notes (9)
Wanhao Duplicator D8 (18)
CBDDLP format for Formware (2)
Options screen and save (2)
Minimum offset for supports (10)
Slicing for Elegoo MArs (2)