Add ability to change the icon size of the toolbars


as the current toolbar icons are they are simply too small on large screens



Try to rightclick on te Formware Icon, chose properties and try to ajust the compatibility mode for hi res screens. maybe it will help to fix this problem. Many often software struggles to handle hi res screens.
I’m using a Dell 4k screen and don’t have a this problem. Maybe it depends on the graphics adapter jn your PC.

Cheers Bruno


mm… i’ll check if we can make this a variable in future updates.
Almost all icons are dynamically drawn as vectors so that should be possible.

The thing is that windows forms (what we currently use as UI) is pixel based.
When we make a multi OS beta later this year we might switch to WPF for windows. I don’t think it has this problem but i’m not sure at this point.

kind regards