Additional lattice support with same selection tool as volume support


Just wondering if you have anything on the cards to create lattice/ladder support manually, but with the selection tool from volume support. So use auto support for the majority, then be able to add supports to a selection area rather than adding additional supports one by one.

I’m finding the auto tools do well but there are areas that need additional supports. The lattice support seems to add the cone directly under the part rather than coming out, then down. By the time I come up the sides of a diameter, the supports are clashing with the part. If an area could be selected, then supports added to that area in the same way that the auto supports are done, that would make a huge difference.



Thx for the feedback.
Yes there’s a lot of plans for 2023 on improving support strategies. Mostly by seperating selection procedures from differerent support strategies. So this will probably also be included.

This year we hope to finish beta’s of our linux/mac installers and improved UI.

kind regards


I just joined the forum and I’m impressed with the updates that are coming and support for Vlare Core.