Anti Aliasing Image Blur Feature


Anti aliasing settings in my opinion are vague, more options should be appreciated like image blur or aa levels etc. instead of low normal high.


Hi Taylan,

thx for your feedback, we’ve removed any aa numbers because to a lot of people they only mean confusion.
I agree there can be a bit more documentation about it. Todo for us.

Anti aliasing is done in range from none to high.
none: only black or white
low: 4 shades of gray
default (medium): 16 shades of gray. (usually enough)
high: 256 shades of gray.

The higher you set it the more time/memory it costs.
Usually 16 is enough. Default setting.

regarding blur; did you have good results with this?
We could always add a blur filter to blur the edge; as a matter of fact I think we already programmed it once but the results were not really noticable…



In chitubox it works with aa2 reduces the voxel lines pretty much and if I use with image blur 2 at the cost of surface detail it pretty much eliminates voxel lines. I don’t have any pictures to show but a channel named Dennys Wang managed to eliminate the voxels this much:


Hi Taylan,

Cool thx for this info.
I’ll check what this blur filter does; probably it blurs the pixels.

What you can do for now is activate our 3d anti aliasing features. This has been a bit expiremental over time but i think if they claim on that machine that blurring works; then 3d anti aliasing should also have some effect.

3d anti aliasing is not activated by default in print profiles; you can activate it by going into your settings file and putting “SettingAntiAliasing3D” to “true” on the machine that you desire.

This will give you this box:

when you then slice a couple of spheres you will notice it also aliases in 3d direction; not just in the XY plane.