Any way to adjust lattice height?


So for starters I didn’t really expect this to work. I’m impressed that it did! Those are 0.6mm supports, BTW, on 0.3mm balls.

I’m also torturing the hell out of the supports in that when I place them, Formware goes “well obviously the lattice goes under the part duh” and then I go “equally obviously the support doesn’t go through the middle of the model duh” and haul them out. What this means, however, is that the angle between the support and the top of the lattice goes from “0” to “lots” depending on how far away you need to haul the lattice.

It worked in this instance - I guess because the lattice angle is below the critical build angle, that humble Anycubic resin did its best and I got a supported part. But I’d feel more confident if I were able to specify a “max angle” for that top connector such that I could, oh, limit it to 45 degrees and then have it start knocking off lattice chunks. Is that a setting I’m not understanding? Or is this something that could maybe be worked into a future build?


Yes it is… as a matter of fact this lattice thing is from our early days and is on the list to be redone.

One other remark was that is should be made a triangle (top view) instead of quad. A thing that I can completely agree to as well.