Anycubic Photon X Mono


This new printer use *.pwmx format ,thanks to add it in the the supported list


Thx. Will add it to the list todo.


I received the printer only 2 software work for it :Anycubic slicer and Lychee,a chance to formware compatible too?


hi sylus,

Yes its on the todolist.



When can we roughly expect that you have implemented the printer?


I’ll have a look this week.

You can always export your work as STL and slice in the anycubic slicer if it’s blocking your work.



I had a look at the file formats.

I see they make a new extension per new printer.

It seems most files are similar in binary nature. so it should be doable to write an export for this to make it compatible with our software. Expect a beta end of this week of otherwise next week.

kind regards


We’ve released version 1032. This includes support for these file formats and the anycubic machines.
We’ve tested the Anycubic Zero. The mono is coming this week here. But as the file formats seem similar in nature I expect they work without issue. (hence some machines still in beta)



first feedback:
-retract and lift speed seems reversed ( during print z lift is quicker than retract)

-file is recorded as pw0 ( manual change to pwmx seems working)


inversion confirmed


File extension and Speeds fixed


pmwx extention fixed on today version,not the speed inversion


Hi sylus,

I know. The speed inversion is a misunderstanding on my part. I always assumed ‘retract speed’ as ‘pulling back’, or ‘pulling up’. So it’s named wrong.

The top 2 speeds are the ‘peel’ speeds.
Teh ‘retract’ speed field is the speed going down again.
We wil need to rename it and double check the machines.