Array single supports


So I’m currently using array single supports at roughly 1mm distance from each other. The shapes I’m supporting are angled enough that lattice supports aren’t quite right for it.

I’m wondering if there are any calculations I can run after running the single supports to create a ladder/ a lattice-like support structure (not including the tip)? My main reason for asking is because when I’m supporting 10-15mm from the build plate I can end up with very long, straight single supports that I think would be better as scaffolding instead.


I would also like this feature added.

In the meantime, my workaround has been to place single supports and use the ‘Add connecting bar to existing supports’ option. I add connecting bars by hand in a way that forms the desired scaffolding. It can be time consuming at times, but the outcome is a tall support that is less likely to fail.


Yes something that is much asked and that we are going to add.
Question is a bit when. When are currently finishing our rewrite to macOS/linux which is taking up some time.

For now; you can click manual in sequence with the ‘connecting bar’ command. So it’s a bit more clicking for now, but you do have them exactly where you want.