Batch Print additions


Apologies if this is already configurable and I just can’t figure it out but here’s my request:

Use case - You have a large print that you need to print in many pieces
Prerequisites - All STL’s imported and scaled to fit build plate

What I would like to do is, Batch auto rotate/nest onto build plate with a couple of preset options (such as lowest z height, fit most amount of objects, etc), then apply a support profile and then slice and save a .ctb file with a rule that if an object has already been sliced, it will not be considered in subsequent iterations during the batch process.

I hope this makes sense, I am probably not describing this well though.



So there is the batch procressor that sort of does what you decribes.
Have you found this?
(green icon next to folder icons, or file menu)

I would run that and then if you want multiple .ctb files just drag only the files you want to slice in the build platform.
So it’s not 100% automated that way… but will save you clicking?