Blank screen to switch on like grid



Sometimes it would be very helpful if there is a possibility for a blank transparent screen and not only a grid. This would give the possibility to harden out some rests of resin in the vat or anything else. It might be a way to fix sticking problems on the build platform if we coating the patform with resin first and harden it out in this way before we start the print job.
It’s not really nessecary to have full color of the grid because we only need “white”.

Kind regards


Hi Bruno,

You mean in the printcontroller i guess?

The multi-color part of the grid came from teh days of a DLP projector. Using red we were able to align the projector on the resin below (top down machine with huge tank) without exposing the resin…



Hi Elco,

Yes, I meant the printcontroller of course. Your answer about colors make sense.
A white screen and even red or other colors might be very helpful sometimes.
Kind regards