Cost Estimation


Hi There, im currently trialing formware in my print lab, i’m just wondering if there is a cost estimation in here yet?

I found a thread from about a year ago with a response saying it was being added, upon using the program I can see an area to define how much my resin costs per liter… i can also see an area in my “Machine Tab” where it shows the mililiters for the print (and i know the calculation is simple enough to do with my phone with all of that information) but i cant find anywhere in the software where it actually shows me the estimated print cost?

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Hover your mouse over the volume in the machine/printprofile panel… .
agreeing it’s the most hidden feature of the software :frowning: so we need to find a better place.



I would of never guess to check thru a highlight over feature will be there… I assume it was never shown.

Also while on similar subject could a feature like adding volume per item under parts tab be added? I know that hiding them while keeping 1 will give you volume amount but having a lot of parts its not easy.


yes can be added. Maybe we should make some optional columns in the part-list.

But i think they are already in the details of a part as well?

(right click show part info?)

And they are also in the slice-overview. If you click the slice command.


I was able to find the ones you mentioned which is good but having to right click then show part details and then looking for the volume seems steps backwards. I like the slice-overview that breaks down the parts.

Maybe add the slice-overview style to the Parts list, adding a column to be able to glance at it quickly. I don’t know if anyone does it but glancing at the volume can help if the part is hollowed or not specially if it already came with supports or determine if I save resin by hollowing it or not and types of supports I should use.

Just my 2 cents of opinion here. Thank you.