Deselect from multiple selection


Hi Elco @formware

I have a long running bugbear…

When I’m selecting multiple joint points (The blue balls) by holding down the shift or control key and clicking on them, often I hit an attached support beam instead. I haven’t yet found a way of deselecting an incorrect selection, I have to start again.

Any chance of adding a feature whereby a selected support entity is deselected if you click on it a second time?


yeah good idea.
I believe it was like this for normal parts; sadly when i just tried it it just deselected all.
I think it fires 1 DeSelectAllEvent to many if shift if pressed.


I find that if I’m holding down shift or control and click on an already selected support element, nothing happens


Hi Elco @formware

Any progress on this? It’s still a very annoying thing…


I did make a lot of updates on selection of parts/supports in the partlist. This was not working good.
I didn’t check this ‘deselect’ with clicking as I thought it was working.
Confirmed it doesn’t work as it should.
I will fix it.

kind regards



This is fixed.
There were 2 problems;

  1. with normal parts it was not working due to an update.
  2. with supports; it was not deselecting because of (1.) but also not deselecting as a whole when no subpart of the supprot was selected.

Anyhow; will publish later today with this included.



Hi Elco @formware

It’s still not working I can not deselect from a multiple selection


ok will check today again… i did a lot of rewrites; pretty sure i tested this as well. also with the part selection from the treelists on the right a lot was improved. but thx for reporting it.


Hi ,

It works, just retested in V1088 fresh install.
You have to use CTRL. Shift is a cumulative selection. Using CTRL instead of shift gives you the option to remove again by clicking again. It works accross multiple supports, or 1 support and multiple items in the support; does not matter.
You can also switch from holding down shift to CTRL during the selection operation.



trying something new… quick video.

apparently embedding does not work… but just click the link and it shows the movie.

kind regards