Diagnose Slice Job - Couple to Island Minimum Size


Does the “Diagnose slice job” routine consider the minimum size (mm^2) value used in the settings? My testing of the function makes me believe that it ignores this parameter. I’ve seen it count single pixel islands for some of my models regardless of my set minimum area (1-25 mm^2). Could a minimum threshold option be added?

Is there also a way to better view/inspect islands after using the diagnostic feature? It’s nice that it shows the layer number, but is there another way to quickly reference the offending layer and highlight the particular pixel(s) of interest? I seem to notice a red box around the boundary of the island, but it’s not always easy to find the box among a very busy model. Any way to quickly center the view to the island or increase the border size of the box? Let me know if I’m overlooking a settings which would help.



You are right. It does not contain that setting. It should. I’ll add them.

Diagnose print job was made before the current island/cups print checks.
I would use those. They can also be run seperate now with the print check command; before slicing.