Dynamic support tip size in auto-generation


Now bear in mind I have no idea how technically complex this would be, and I’m assuming it’s no small task… BUT…

Would it be possible to have auto-generation of supports dynamically select larger support tips and shafts for higher stress areas, like large flat areas; and fine tips for islands?

Or would there be a way to pre-paint a model to give a rough estimation of where each support type/size should go? So that way auto-generation could be infinitely more customisable and useful off the bat :slight_smile:


Yes this is something we are contemplating for some months now.
It would be some kind of structural analysis, small FEM analysis of some sort I think. So yes we are looking at it.

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To expand on this suggestion, would it be possible to incorporate the ability to use multiple tip/etc sizes on auto-generated supports? If I edit one support, it of course edits ALL of the supports that were auto-generated. This is usually the right thing to do, but sometimes I want to edit only specific supports. As is now I would need to manually add supports that are different sizes. In this case if I connect up the single manual support with the auto-supports, it inherits the support settings from the auto supports.

Maybe an option when applying to either apply to the individual support or the whole structure?


thanks for the suggestion. Yes will see if something lke this is possible.



I’ll make a donation if it will help make this a reality. Just let me know where to send it.


Hi Eek,

It’s still up for plannign this year. We’re currently finializing a UI update, that would also make Linux/Mac possible. As that is done we turn our attention to the supporting algoritms, including these print ‘quality’ features like a force analysis.

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