Expand 'Array Place Support' Types


The issue is more aligned to the fact that not all support types are spawned in a similar fashion.


‘Add lattice support’ type selected directly from the tool bar allows for the user to place multiple contact points before selecting ‘Apply’ to spawn the generated supports. Time is saved as multiple supports can be placed before the time consuming calculations are performed (support pathing, printability, etc.).

Other support types, like the single support and very basic, need to fully initiate support generation after each placement. The single support type is already supported under the array function. Can the very basic support type either be added to the array function or allow for the user to place as many support points before full support generation (hit either ‘Apply’ or the Enter key)? I have some complex objects which I like to manually support with the very basic support type. The ability to save time by carrying out the full support generation step after I’ve placed all my points of contact would be tremendous.

Does the documentation better explain the parameters of the lattice support type? I like using it when working with flexible resins for the added rigidity. I’ve been experimenting with some of the settings and only the ‘Lattice spacing Z’ seems to have any apparent effect. I’m trying to make sense of ‘Lattice spacing X’, ‘Lattice spacing Y’, ‘Gap interval X’, and ‘Gap interval Y’.



So if these live calculations bother; i would suggest to turn these off. Placing supports might not be slowed down by checking calculations.
Then before printing simply run the print checks command… which will provide the same warnings?

Regarding the lattice i was just checking it. This is to be honest already 4 years old and needs some tender love and caring from our side for a while.
Lattice XYZ spacing determines the spacing between different columns.
XY Gap interval tells the algoritm to leave a gap after this amount of items. Place on a grid. This would allow you to break away the structure more easily:
I did notice I couldn’t get it to work in Y direction; the interval gaps; so this needs checking.


I appreciate you taking to time to explain the parameters and to even include a picture.

It makes sense to disable the live calculation and just have it perform that operation at the end during the checks. Thanks.


Regarding this Lattice, it would also be nice to have the top tip angled to surface like the other typical supports. While lattice could have some more settings like at what height do they start; how many lattice supports per height ratio; width of lattice; thickness of angled parts; angle of lattice and so on.


I’d also LOVE to see more options for lattice supports



We’re currently finishing conversion of the code base to MacOs/Linux. After that we will be pushing different lattice structures.

kind regards


May I ask where in the configuration is the proper setting to toggle live calculations? I can’t seem to find it.


either toggle them over the toolbar or in the config: