Full workflow documentation for non-trivial model


I’ve been trying out Formware but I’m a bit lost. I put a lot of trust in auto-supports and that works well with Lychee or PrusaSlicer but Formware seems to miss a lot of islands on more complicated models. Sometimes it’s the entire base of a model.

I came across the critical features settings for auto support and it actually looks like it might be able to fix islands but I wasn’t able to figure out how it was meant to be used.

When I do get supports, they often intersect with the model.

But people clearly make it work so I’d really appreciate a documented workflow for more complicated models. How do you deal with islands? Manually? Do you just drag intersecting supports somewhere else?

There are nice video tutorials on YouTube but they’re only for pretty basic models where there are no problems that require manual intervention.


Hi Jimothy,

Thanks for your feedback.
It’s a bit hard to advice without seeing what your are doing. But give it a try.

Critical features -> it’s a way to quickly remove entire sets of points, or increase density for some parts of the model.

Intersecting supports -> i would advice to use a little bit larger first beam length, so the supports have some more distance off the model. There was a ‘bug’ in previous versions that in some cases it would not generate columns if a model was to close to the base. I’ve fixed that.

Islands -> yes just add some points in case an island is missed. The live Island detection should be pretty reliable.

Yes some better video’s are on the todo list.

kind regards