German instructions for Formware 3D


Hello colleagues of the FormWare software,
I’m considering buying the software right now. But the German translation of the program is not complete. And there is no German manual. If this changes in the next updates, I think that will be more interesting for me.
Otherwise, their software looks really good and the program is also very well structured. Will make a test print with their software on the weekend and let’s see how it looks in comparison to the Anycubic Photon Slicer Software.
Mfg skink


Hi Skink,

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m aware the german translation is not 100% complete anymore. The challenge is always keeping translations up with development speed.

I’m currently thinking on creating an online tool for managing/updating the translations. So this will be integrated upcoming weeks.

German manual; not there yet. Also here it’s a lot of work to maintain and update it. Not sure yet what the best approach is there.
Perhaps with the new batch of instruction video’s i can find an automated way of subtitles or naration…



Hi Elco,

What,s about the German manual now. Maybe I got some time to assist you. If there is a language file it might be easy to do it. I know about other software with the same problem and there is a .xls file for all the different languages. So it was possible to add Austrian Vienna language for example for fun.

Cheers Bruno


Hi Bruno,

I will send you an email with login to our translation app we use for managing translations.
It works easier than an excel sheet.
You can edit translations there.

many thanks,



Hi ,

Finally I got the time to complete the translation into German. Sometimes it was quite a challenge to know what it means

in the original english text. The main reason is that I don’t know all the commands in the software for what they are and theis function.

So it’s possible that not all translations are correct. I’ve also done a few corrections

in the existing translation for better and smoother German.

If there are changes in the future in the text let me know so I can translate it too.

Let me know what do you think about this work

Kind regards



Is anyone here. No answer until today.

Kind regards


Hi Bruno,

Yes we are here. Your email was still on unread as we’re very busy with development
Many many thanks for your efforts. I will insert it into the development branche so it will be there next release in 1-2 weeks hopefully.

kind regards



Hi Elco,

No problem at all. I hope taht there are not to much mistakes in the translation because sometimes I didn’t know what it means exactly.

If you need some more translations please keep me informed. I read once about a user manual to be translated in German. Is this still in the to do list.

Kind regards Basel, the exile city of Erasmus from Rotterdam where a place (Erasmusplatz) is named by him.



Yes it’s a large complicated structure of strings.
There’s an extra complication that there are also some strings that are not used anymore as the software develops fast. It’s hard at the moment to filter those out. Need to find a good way to do that.

The manual is getting larger and also subject to change. So I would not put large effort now in making that german at the moment…



just downloaded and inserted the german in the build. So it will be there for sure next release.


Hi Elco,

Nice to hear these good news. Is there a way to have a short look onto a beta version to check out if the translations are allright.
Soon I’ll try to configure a Arduino 2560 board for my selfmade printer. I’ll keep you advised if it’s working fine.

I can help to translate the manual also if you whish.

Kind regards


Hi Elco,

I’ve updated the German translation right now.

Cheers Bruno


They are included. I’ve soft released the 1030 installer now.




Looking great!