Hollow - Minimum Volume Slider


Update the hollow feature to allow a minimum volume to be specified. This would greatly help me only hollow the larger parts of a mesh where I can easily add drain holes.

Alternatively update the hollow feature to allow for a search for the largest contigious volume and only hollow that.

Alternatively allow for a cube selection or some other selection to allow for semi-manually hollowing only PART of a mesh.

Thanks so much for a great piece of software. It is working much better than the software provided by AnyCubic



Thanks for your input!

I think it’s something we can add that would be very usefull.

Out of the top of my head the hollowing algoritm doesn’t detect disjoint parts of the result by default; so I suggest we would make an option for ‘minimum volume’ and if that is specified, detect the disjoint parts, remove the subparts below that.

You could actually do it already with a bit of a hack.
If you finish the hollow operation you can use ‘split disjoint mesh’ to split the part.
Now the hard part is that currently the software only paints the outside of a mesh.
So for an inside shell; you don’t see it, so you can’t delete it.
But if you use the slice trackbar you can see the inside and select it. Or alternatively select it from the partlist.
Screenshot below.

Needless to say; a minimum threshold would be much better. I’ll add it to our todolist for next release.