Improved "Pause" function



Sometimes it would be very helpful to check out the printflow if the part is going well.
So it should be possible to pause the workflow and the printer should move onto his upper position. After Checkout the part and push onto “continue” the platform should go to the last printed position and continue printing. Furthermore it would be possible to change the resin to other colors or anything else.

Cheers Bruno


This is a function that must be implemented on the printer, not in the slicer.
And incredibly enough, a lot of Resin printers actually have this already.



I know. This function is already available in the formware printcontroller software. As I mentioned above it starts directly from the pause position instead moving down before continuing.
I’d like to push “Pause” and then moving the plattform upwards in a relative position to check out the result. After pushing “continue printing” it should move down to the last printed layer plus 1.
If you you know how the formware printercontroller is working exactly and how to achieve this please give me a hint.
Maybe there is a solution jn G90/G91 but I have to check this asp.
I’m using a Arduino 2560 board with Marlin and all functions are working very well so far, even a perfect tilt move.
Kind regards