Layer range speed/lift



when printing larger prints, it would be fine, if we can set different retract/lift speed + Z lift height from a higher range.

I have tested on Anycubic M3 Premium with UV tools, that I can modify per layer speed/lift height and so I use it when part of the print is done, I increase speed and decrease lift height, so I speed up printing without sacrificing the print quality.

Take it just as and idea.


Yes. We are working on added more control over the per layer variables. Finding the right interface to do so is a bit of work. It should be handy enough.



Just wanted to write same request, it would be great, as with lower layers ( up to 20-30layers, it is very usefull to go slower than usual ) and hacking the use of transition layers is not a perfect way to go.


Hi Petr,

I"ve experimented with a new approach last weeks for what i think will the solution to all this variable requests.
There is a formula parsing engine in the last version built in already; just not used to the full potential and largely undocumented.

One of the customers asked me to make an adaptable XYOffset. After some weeks of thought I figured; I should just make it a formula; so the user enters the formula. Which can be something like xyoffset=if…else…Math.Sinus(…)
So with IF/ELSE but also math terms.
Basically it works similar in Fusion 360, i don’t know if you know this.

I think I would need to apply this logic to other parameters as well.
So for the variable layerheight and speed settings of a print; the problem will always be how to edit it efficiently.
My thought would be to make it an editable formula; quick edit on the print job at hand.

kind regards


Hi Elco,

Yes, proposed solution would be the best. Scripting is always best option as it gives more freedom.

Let me know when there will be a beta version to test.

Thank you



I have made more experiments and what I see as most important factor, is to be able to modify lift speed, retract speed and wait time before cure for the first 4-5mm of the print, so formula will be most efficient way to do.


ok great feedback. Which printer are you testing this with?

kind regards


Phrozen Mighty 8K and Anycubic M3 Premium.

Printing flat and the bigger the platform is, more it is important to be patient in first 4-5mm of the print. The rest of the print, on M3 Premium you can go as fast as 400mm retract, 200mm peeling, wait 2-3s and the print is flawless, because there is enough gap between the platform and the vat, so the pressure is released quickly.


I have also other idea how to do this very easy. Use the existing transition layers feature or extend bottom layer configuration.
Transition layers feature take the settings from bottom layers, but just recalculates the curing time to fade from bottom layer time to normal layer time.

If you add option to be able to set the transition layer curing time to static value or modify bottom layer settings ( set curing time for first x layers to some value and the rest bottom layers to other curing time-normal ), this would also fix it.

Now I am doing it manualy on printer, I have set long wait time on normal layers and after 50-100 layers I change the wait time manualy on printer.

All issues with delamination in lower layers in complicated prints have disappeared as the resin flow and stabilization of the machine is very important there.


cool thx for the feedback. I think formula’s would solve all these issues and provide the necessary freedom and simplicity with some default formula’s as examples.


Hello, any progress on new release or beta to test?


Hi Petr,

Yes this (the formula based approach) is developed and tested, for now just on layerheight and on exposure time.
Upon some feedback i will also add a manual way; to just set the layers manual.
I’m rounding up some small bugs for a next update.

I think for your suggestions for layer speeds we would also need some formula’s in speed calculations. However it’s a bit dangerous to create a ‘huge’ UI when what one actually needs is just GCode/NCCode that operates the machine properly… so it’s a bit hacking around these limited file formats in that way. If you see what i mean.

kind regards


Hello, most of the printers now support per layer speed / cure time settings, so it would be perfect to have also the speed settings by formula. Reason is now we print very slow on large format printers, because first few mm we need to go super slow to get perfect results (resin flow ) and later, we can go much faster as there is enough gap between platform to flow resin. Can you think about adding this also to the Movement tab to modify the speeds based on layer height?