Lift speed based on layer area


Hi Formware

NanoDLP slicer has quite a neat feature where lift speed for an individual layer can be based on the printed area of that layer. This speeds up prints quite considerably, as lift speeds for layers with a small surface area can be considerably faster than the lift speed for layers with a large surface area.

Any chance of something similar?


Yes good idea.

If i’m correct the amount of white pixels is passed to the gcode. I’m not sure however if it’s a live variable (that can be scripted). Would need to check that.

It would also depend a bit on what the printer allows (if not gcode). in terms of layer settings. I still have to check with CTB what their encrypted boards do with layer data (speeds/height/exposure) as i’m finishing up the variable layer height option… (which also has some exposure settings for how to interpolate that… but that’s another story)

I think the CTB without encryption only had z height, exposure and off time, out of my head.



You’re correct about v3 .ctb files. v4 .ctb files have speed settings for each layer