Marlin MUve3D ARDUINO 2650 RAMPS


Hi all,

I would be nice if you could add the Marlin MUve3D software with Arduino 2650 and RAMPS board. Including the M650 and M651 code for tilt peeling and M280 code for shutter control RC servo as it is already in Creation Workshop. Formware is pretty much easier structured than Nano DLP.
Im pretty shure that you could sold alot more licencies of Formware.

Kind regards



Hi Bruno,

You can just edit the gcode in the script editor to export this.
If you wish you can also use the free available printcontroller to connect a pc to an arduino/ramps setup.

If you want us to setup the Muve3d printer; please email us a complete example of your print file.
(images? / config files? / gcode ? )



Hi Elco,

Thank‘s alot for your quick reply. I‘ll do so but I‘m very busy at the moment and it wil take 2 or 3 weeks.

Kind regards