Mask for Photon mono x


Can you (support) add the mask for 3dprinter Photon mono x?
Thank you



By mask you mean a gray scale mask for correcting differences in UV intensity?
You could use a custom mask (png) and set it to the machine.

However to do that you need to activate the light mask section in the configuraiton. By default this is off for this pre configured machine.
2 options:

  1. go to your settnigs file (in the roaming folder), edit it with notepad and put this setting to True: SectionLightMask

  2. setup a new machine (default dlp machine) and copy the output type and pixel/mm sizes from your existing profile. The default DLP machine has all thinkable options enabled and is fully configurable.



Yes. I think about greyscale.
Thank you. I will try


vlad any update? im curious about this as well and would love to see how it works for you.