Maybe Elegoo Mars 3 support is in the making? :)


Just downloaded and installed, but then I realized that my printer wasn’t listed :neutral_face:
Will there be support for the Mars 3?


yes I added the CTB SDK export last week. Just didn’t get to adding the machines.

So you can add it already if you want; just put the slice output to CTB SDK and you will get the correct .ctb file.
Assuming the Mars3 uses the encrypted .ctb files.



I’ve added the machine profile now as well.



Great! Will start trying your software for print tonight then! Exited, it looks good! Auto-generated supports seem to do really practical and smart layouts!


Cool! Be sure to update to V1041 from our website.
I’ve updated the CTB SDK export in a way that it adds all variables to the layers as well.
From what i’ve understood from others it will default to built in variables otherwise.