Multiple Resin Profiles in one Slice Operation


Is it possible to look into the feasibility of allowing the use of multiple resin profiles for slicing?

I’m testing many different resin types and blends. Each formulation requires the printing of test objects to find the right exposure settings. It would make the process more convenient if the slicer could allow for parts to be assigned unique profiles instead of a global application of the resin parameter to all objects. Analogues to the exposure test files some manufactures have for their specific machines.

Chitu recently release new firmware for their Pro slicer which seems to allow for this function. Wondering if this multi-parameter slice functionality can be brought to Formware.



yes interesting idea. I can certainly see that in an FDM machine this works perfect.

But what parameters are varied across the build table?

  • I can imagine only the exposure settings is something that can be changed?
  • And perhaps post processing filters? (which would be easy for us to apply)



Exposure settings would be ideal. A bonus would be if XY tolerance and AA could be varied across models on the build plate. This would help simplify the tuning of resin mixtures when searching for the balance between strength, reliability, and detail.

Not sure how difficult this suggestion might be to implement or if a significant overhaul of he framework needs to happen to accommodate this feature. This is a feature I really miss from FDM slicers. Its use in resin printing might be a little limited, but I think there are still enough situations to make it a worthwhile addition to Formware 3D.



sorry slow answer. Yes this is coming definitely. I’ve been tinkering a bit on how to make a proper interface for it but you are right. In finding print settings it’s super!