Multiple Single Support Profiles


I do a lot of small prints and use different sized single supports for different areas. I like to have slightly thicker support for larger areas and slightly thinner supports for very small areas. Could we get a way to duplicate a single support profile to have 2 different single support sizes?

I primarily print Miniatures so having a 0.5mm and a 0.2mm single support is extremely key for me. I can spend 1-2hours plus per model adding and removing supports to get it in a place where it will cause the minimum amount of damage to the model itself to reduce the post-processing after print, so making the support smaller each time I place one makes this an even longer task.

Software like Chitubox has a large medium and small profile to choose from. Having a similar option to this would be great, or a way to change the size of the support on the fly would work also.

p.s I love this software. After the 30 day trial, I was hooked. But this would make my life MASSIVE amounts easier.

Thanks in advance



Hi Sean,

So currently you can select multiple supports by holding the shift key and then dragging.
When you change the size then in the edit window it will change. Screenshot below.

The autosupporter has profiles build in.

But you are right when supporting manually there is no such option.
I’m thinking of a smart way to integrate something like this. I could make 1 or 2 extra support types but then it should be for all types… so maybe it should be a light/medium/heavy button in the edit window somewhere with a parameter that allows you to specify how much to add to the default or something…
It might go a bit to far to have a small/medium/large setting for each type of support… ?


This does work for some areas But I am currently clicking to add the support then CTRL-Z to remove and click again until I get the support in the perfect position so changing the support after attaching it is not an option for this type of supporting.

Having a light/medium/heavy option would be perfect though, but this would need to be an option to select pre-selecting the point, as such having a menu like an edit support menu but it being for the current support type you have selected so you can change the settings on the fly. Then I can select which support I need before clicking. Currently, I am just adding all the heavy supports for the entire model then going into the config and changing it to the smaller size and going back through.

Thanks for the quick reply though.



Hi, sorry to be bumping the post like this… @formware

But is this going to be implemented? Im on my trial period… but the way i work and do supports i really need a fast way to change support settings. Like some Ligh, Medium, Heavy profiles that we could tweak.
Having to manually change the support settings each time i need a thicker or finer support is kind of a pain.

Also, a side note that has nothing to do with this, please check your LetsEncrypt certificate. The website has one valid but chrome is still throwing a non-secure connection warning, and here on the forum it doenst seem to have one.



Yes something like this will be implemented. Hopefully next release.

certificates -> i know… our main server the TLS is not accepted anymore by chrome. We’re in the process of switching servers. This forum is ran on another sever. Should workkk… will check.


Thanks for the reply =)

Looking forward to that update… its kind of a game changer for me.

Keep up the good work


This is definitely something I want (need?) as well… I too am doing small things (miniatures and jewellery) and it’s great to see this feature is already coming.

It’d be good if we could bind support profiles to keys or a context menu so we can quickly switch between them.

Also be extremely handy if we can set them / copy them from support type to support type.



Thanks for the suggestion. In the beta we’re testing right now we’ve moved the manual support settings to the support profiles. Als we’ve redesigned the layout a little so during supporting you can easily switch between different support profiles.

Switching existing supports i have to check if that’s possible without to much new generation of geometry.