New Photon-S file format


After you have introduced the old format of the Anycubic Photon-S in the meantime the new file format of the Photon-S which is the PWS has come out. Can you introduce it quickly? Because otherwise Formware with Photon-s cannot be used
This is a real bug.
You have to stay behind these things and put a development team just to quickly introduce and correct the format you want.

What I saw as answers to such a question is to use another slicer! I bought a license from you and demand that you stand behind it, otherwise you use other software!
A company that behaves like you in this case would place it as a thief. How do you allow yourself after one has paid your license not to keep up with these things? Do you feel right with you behaving like this?


Hi Fabrizio,

Sorry to hear you feel this way.

See my response here on this question:

In general we try to accomodate to support as much printers as possible.
To do this we already invest considerable amount of time outputting all different kinds of formats OEM’s come up with and testing them mostly in collaboration with users or we buy the machine ourselves.

Unfortunately not all printer OEM’s are willing to open up formats.
As a response to this we also included functionality to open your work with 1 click in their slicer as you mention.

Next to that, we think it’s better if we spend more time writing core functions that will save you time and result in better prints instead of writing again and again different export formats for the same thing.

So in the end it’s really something we can’t do much about.
Hope you understand.

kind regards,