Anycubic PhotonS pws file format


Dear Formware3D.
Anycubic PhotonS has changed slice file format to pws.
Formware3D Slicer will support this format?


New Photon-S file format


As far as we know it’s not released by Anycubic.

As an alternative you can:

  1. use older firmware on the PhotonS that supports the original format (.photons)

  2. use our 1-click export button to export your entire work with 1 click to their slicer and slice in their software.
    Our software automatically detects which other programs are installed, as suchs it’s really only 1 click export and the other program (in this case their slicer) is automatically opened.

kind regards


Hi Elco,
what does it mean “not released by Anycubic”? You can find new firmware with .pws format here at their official website (see “Firmware” section) - it was released more than 2 months ago.



Hi Alexej,

As far as I know the file format of a .pws is binary.
That means it’s 1’s and 0’s and not humanly readable

Unless you know exactly what algoritm they use to write the 1’s and 0’s you can’t replicate the file yourself.

kind regards


the lastest version supports all formats correctly on the photonS machine.