Сonnections between single supports


I really need the ability to put connections between single supports. For example, I have several high single supports, which for stiffness would be useful to connect with diagonal jumpers. In the screenshot, I drew them in red lines.
In automatic mode, the program itself puts such jumpers, but in manual mode I can not do this.

And there are still not enough spheres at the junction of supports with the model. Spheres allow breaking off support without risk of obtaining caverns in the model, since support breaks at the boundary of the sphere. The remnants of the spheres are then quite easily removed from the model.


sorry for the slow reply. I’m working on it.



regarding spheres are the model; you mean you would like to have the sphere intersecting with the model to have a bigger diameter than the end of the connecting bar? -> to the break point is more shifted towards the bar/sphere intersection?


Fine! Thank you!

Yes exactly.


Did you try using the “Internal Support” feature? You can set supports between anything, I believe…


No i don’t think this will work. It has to be a on the model itself.


No, “Internal Support” does not work with supports. Only with the model.


I would like this feature too



this is already added in the latest publish of the installer couple weeks back.
forgot to unlock the function with the first release of but unlocked it now in the release version of the installer.

kind regards