Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K



Would you please create Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K profile.




yes noted. It’s coming with the implementation of the CTB SDK.



@formware Elco, I’ve already got one that I use with a call to my hacked version of LiberatingMars to create the encrypted .ctb at the end of the slice. Would you like it to base yours off? With the implementation of the SDK, you won’t need the call to LiberatingMars, but it will give you all of the other details you require



you mean the profile? I think it’s ok without; Phrozen is also waiting on us to finish the SDK; so I think they will add the profiles for the encrypted machines themselves…



This machine is added in the current release with the CTB SDK.



Just downloaded and test today.

It seem ctb file won’t execute as set in print profile. These are what I observed.

  1. Explosure / layer -> OK
  2. Explosure / Bottom layer -> OK
  3. All lift and retact speed -> NOT working
  4. Number of bottom layer -> NOT working … still only about 5 layers while my setting is 15 layers
  5. lift distance for both bottom and normal layer -> NOT working … it lift 5 mm, my setting is 15 mm
  6. Light off delay -> Don’t know because I can’t see the light, very good shield.

Hope this helps and waiting for future update.




Hi Kit,

Have you inspected the file if you open it up in chitubox or in formware?
You can inspect the values that are set within the file to make sure they are correct.

in formware: menu -> print job -> open file, in the print jobs section (right side) select the print job and view the header.



Hi Elco,

I checked the header … all settings are there.

However in real print (I did 3 more tests), only thing that correct as is explosure setting.

Speed (up and retact), lift height (bottom and layer) are wrong. I think it uses default value. Something like lift 5mm, up-speed 15, retact-speed 45.

Of course, this makes print to failed.

Hope it get fixed soon.



PS. I didn’t check light-off delay.


mmm that’s not good. that would mean the firmware on the machine handles the file incorrectly…

i will double check the values and add the extra height/speed/1/2 values over the next couple of days. (hopefully today when i come up with a ‘proper’ interface for it that doesn’t confuse to many users)

Perhaps that’s the problem; but thing is, you would expect that when I left those at default it does not use them… i have no idea how they programmed the hardware though…


yeah … I’m expecting this as well. Seems like the hardware misread them and uses default settings.

Waiting for your next update.




@formware Elco, I think you may be looking in the wrong place for the solution. It is mandatory to have exposure, light off delay, lift speed, lift distance, retract speed, retract distance and rest time data in each layer header (**** NOT just the file header ****) otherwise firmware defaults will be used for any layer without this data.

BTW, I use all three rest timers, and would appreciate it if you include options for all three.


hi frank,

I have added the extra height/speed variables in the mean time. Also added them in every layer data piece available to me. So i hope that solves the issue.

About to release but i need to double check the ctb files and all other exports, script engines etc. for this. So takes some time. Hope to have it ready on friday.

Resting times. What is the purpose of the resting times? i mean before exposure allowing the resin to settle i can understand. But the other 2?


It’s not just the height and speed variables that need to be in every layer header - It’s pretty much all of the ones I mentioned. Please have a look at - this is what you need to recreate, note that this works perfectly, I have been using it for my commercial prints since I first got my 8Ks

Re. Rest times - even after the UV turns off, there is some residual curing going on. I usually set my rest before lift to 0.5 or so seconds. Rest after lift is purely so that there is a decent slow down, stop and reverse instead of of lift-jerk-reverse.


yes i’m aware what variables there are per layer. It’s in the SDK description. However; one might have assumed these were optional. But probably they are not or the entire thing will return to default values with the latest firmware.

Rest times -> Thanks that makes sense. I will add them.


I’ve just uploaded V1041 to the website.

It has:

  • rest time variables.
  • transition layers implemented
  • all height/speed variables for 2 stage movement including (imho intuitive) UI.

All variables visible in the image below are exported to the CTB SDK .ctb format.
The offtime variables are not used anymore in this case; only rest time variables.

Will be adding the other machines that are supported with this next couple of days.


Thanks @formware, I will give this a try when the current prints are complete.

Just to make things clear for me - you have two rows of two boxes for Z lift distance. Intuitively, I would think that the first row is for lift distances and the second row for retract, and the first column is for the slow section, and the second column for fast?


Oh @formware, I see the graphics at the bottom - I assume this changes as the settings are tweaked? If so, that is really great, as there can be no mistaking how the printer behaves. This looks very good indeed, a lot of thought has gone into this.

The only thing I would say is maybe can you reverse the sides the lift and retract data ar on in the graphic? Currently retract is on the left and lift is the right - it would make more sense if lift was on the left and retract on the right


Hi Frank,

  • yes your intuition is right.
    • The boxes on the right are fast.
    • The bottom row of distances is the retract movement. CTB files have these seperate. Photon workshop files only have 1 setting to split up… maybe this is a bit overdone on the CTB side…
  • The images change when you update the values. So you see what you are doing.

I will switch the left/right of the image. You are right. Makes sense to put what’s first on the left. I left out further text description as I think the view was already getting cluttered… for a moment I thought about puting the textboxes on top over the images… but it would make more of a mess…
Perhaps a description for the distances ‘retract/peel’ would make more sense that shows when you activate the two stage motion.

I’ll publish an update later this afternoon. Some important bugfixes in various parts of the code base.



Hi @formware Elco

Minor bug. in the header, Layer Count Plus One (15th parameter in the encrypted section of the header IIRC) is being set, but Layer Count (61st parameter in the encrypted section IIRC) is not. I’m using v1.0.4.2 downloaded today

Edit: I’ve done a little bit more fault finding and found this:

I’m slicing an object with 35 layers in both Formware and Chitubox.

In Formware, Layer Count Plus One is being set to 35, Layer Count is being set to 0

In Chitubox, Layer Count Plus One is being set to 35, Layer Count is being set to 34

Now I may have the wrong info for the two fields (They may be Layer Count for the 15th parameter and Layer Count - 1 for the 61st, and it certainly looks this way), but it does look like you’re not putting a required value into parameter 61 of the encrypted part of the header


Another problem - the total height of the print is not being written to the relevant (7th) parameter of the encrypted part of the header.