Please add alternative perspective mode to the viewport


I tried to look for a switch button and failed to find it. So currently only perspective projection mode is available. After working with programs that do can switch between this and orthographic projection mode, the lack of later in Formware is very noticeable.
Requested mode is already there, working in the Left / Top /Bottom / Front view, but, regrettably, perspective in those is locked and I can’t rotate around.

Also, ability to rotate perspective around the point on an object, where mouse was right clicked would be great too.


What a coincidence…
Last monday I wrote the code for this…

I just uploaded a fix for an messagebox showing up (see other thread).
But the isometric view is also in this build.

It’s not enabled by default yet but you can add it from the toolsets:


it’s not 100% flawless yet… i see in some scenario’s the object manipulator gets a bit small
need to check


Wow, thanks for quick reply.
I have, as it’s named in another thread, Phrozen version of the software and my options look different from the screenshot above. Tools sets also are called Tool Belt.
Will that update be available for me?


Yes when phrozen udpates their installer. Takes a little time but will happen.


Thanks a lot.

‘Last monday I wrote the code for this…’

Kudos for casually coding useful feature on some random monday =)


thx :slight_smile:

yeah needed it for something else. So research a little what different matrix transformations were still missing and this was added with little effort.