Please add +select supports and some other features

  1. if we have some selected supports, pressing shift we select others but selected supports will be inverted. Need selection “only add without selection inversion” and “only deselect”.
  2. please add select through all - all supports visible and invisible now selected with rectangle (now some supports doesn’s selects)
  3. please add by doubleclick the same type of supports for changing their properties
  4. if we delete some autogenerated supports with ctrl+del - it deletes some array of generated supports. Need some hotkey to delete just one entire support.
  5. please add gizmo for endpoint of support. Now it’s possible just to scale it.
  6. please add BACK view. There is now FRONT view only.
  7. please add strengthener option for array supports (construction farm for single supports. Like at lattice support icon)
  8. array support surface mode - please add option to add supports at edge of surface selection.
  9. mirror supports - please add button that center plane on seleted part (max-min)/2