Profile for Elegoo Mars Pro - request


The Elegoo Mars Proi has a new Format .ctb
Looks to be Compressed.
Thinking about buying the software, but when I have to prepare it in Formware and the export to slice in another Software it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

If it had the profile for my Printer I would, find it really good.


Hi Thni,

We had allready implemented an export for for .ctb format.
I have just added the Elegoo mars Pro to the machine database, you should be able to load it from the configuration menu now. Could you verify that this machine setup is working properly?

Kind regards,



Hi Jan,

will try it, thanks!

Best Regards


Hi Jan, it crashes every time i slice. Just sent 2 crash reposts.

A generic error occurred in GDI+


Have tried using “Use newer Windows media Libraries for slice generations” but still crashes



We discovered a bug there and fixed it.
An updated installer is uploaded that should fix the issue.
Thanks for your report.

Elco & Jan


How do I get it ?

Does it work automatically odeso I have to download it ?


We don’t have an auto-update yet, you will have to download and reinstall


Works :c)

Is there any way that it just saves the File and not makes the gcode Directory?



when you export as CTB it should delete the entire slice folder after slicing.



I bought the software and wanted to print for the first time :c).

On the Mars Pro it shows the print file as a folder (same what happened when I tried renaming the old format) and I get the error wrong file format.

When saving the File it still doesn’t delete the Directory used to compile.



I’ve editted the profile to delete the folder created and not export unnecessary gcode.

Please also update your installer. There was a small bug in the encryption of layers in .CTB that led to some artifacts.
I’ve fixed that this morning.



Ok, will have a go tomorrow since I’m printing with the file from the other slicer now.


File works now, but it still doesn’t dele the Gcode directory. Wouldn’t it be better with a Fixed Temp dir in the settings ?

Is it possible to get a Different Settle time for the buttom layers ? And a different Z Lift distance for the Buttom layers as well ? I have some resin with different numbers and I can save a lot of time when the Buttom layers need 10 Sek. dely and the rest 4 sek. Same with the distance (6mm and 5mm).


Oh, and It always uses the first profile, not what I have set as Default/Favorite. I have set that it should start with the default ones. Machine works, but the Profile doesn’t



It should delete the file/folder. If not please add the machine as a new machine (download from our server) then it updates the settings.

Default selection; you are correct. I fixed it and added some ‘starts’. For the next verion,


I see the .ctb format has extra parameters for:

  • bottomLiftDistance
  • bottomLightOffDelay
    I will add them in the next release. Probably released in 1-1.5 week.



Thanks, Will try it. and look forward to it.


I got a new Printer :smiley:

Can I please get a Profile for the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro ? It is slightly better, almost half Print time compared :slight_smile:


better late then never; it’s in there.