Profile for Longer Orange 4K mono


Thank you for activating it, that works… but I still can’t figure out why the lgsconverter does not launch after the slice preparation. I have tried installing the latest version of the software, deleting and re-installing the printer, and double checked all the settings. Anything I am missing, or any other suggestions as to why it won’t launch?

Also, I connected someone from Longer to the email you provided. I hope they reached out to you.

Many thanks,


Hi Alex,

Yes they contacted us again; thanks. I will check it this week and include it.
I dont’ know either why it doesnt’ start. I will check again this week… but other than verifying on our devleopment machines that it works I don’t know why their exporter would not work…



Their converter works. When I launch it from the command line using the arguments pointing to the job folder that Formware created and the file that I would like saved for the longer file, it works and shows the progress bar.
The issue is that after the slices are created in the Formware program the command prompt window never launches even though all the settings point to the external file of the lgsconverter. I am not sure if formware is passing the right arguments to the converter so it launches successfully, but all my settings are the same as what you outlined in this thread when you posted the images.


strange… i received the new converter from longer.
Let me implement it (i guess this week will be fine) and we give that a try.

I’ll update you once i have it in there end of the week.
Got some other new machines to add as well.



Just following up if the new version of the converter is now integrated in the software? I still can’t get the converter to automatically launch after slicing, even after I click ‘OK’ to launch the converter.



i’ve finally found some time to integrate it. The latest upgrade from Longer. So it’s working in the development version. Including the 4k color and mono (but really there is no difference also according to them)

There were some changes in the longer formats (preview size changed) and i’ve found some inconsitancy in my own code in handling file formats passed as arguments. It would not handle ‘spaces’ in the paths correctly. Probably one of the 2 reasons is causing it not to be working.

I plan to release it in a couple of days.

kind regards


Excellent – Looking forward to the update!



I’ve released V1043. Longer3d machines are all in there now with working setup.
Workflow setup should be as below.

The arguments are now better encoded to it accepts all valid paths.


This worked! Thank you!