Profile for UNIZ IBEE - request


Would you make a Profile for UNIZ IBEE?
IBEE is in a new format called .zcode.
IBEE is in the process of being delivered after Kickstart, and the number of users is increasing rapidly.
Slicer for IBEE does not have many functions, so it is quite helpful to use it with Formware.


Hello, I know Zortrax 3D printers use zcode - does the IBEE have anything to do with that? Zortrax printers are controlled by using Z-Suite but that is very closed source. So Formware would be a great option if it is supported.



Im not sure what the .zcode is for the Uniz IBee. I thougth from Zortrax it was always some kind of zip file.
We’ve contacted Uniz about the state of any integration plans.



They worked with Mango3D to integrate .zcode support to Lychee Slicer - there should be some hope to get this into your software as well.
I’d like to have more than 1 alternative to the official Uniz software.