Refresh source stl


I’m right on the fence on purchasing FormWare, but there’s one feature that’s a near dealbreaker for me. Are there plans to add the ability to re-load the source stl file from disk without loosing existing work? 3d printing is often an iterative process, it’s common for me to go back and make changes to a model after printing a draft. Currently with complex support structures this can turn into a lot of repeat work. Prusa can do it, but FormWare is so much better in most every other way. I’d be 100% sold if this feature was available or on the roadmap.


Yes please, a good feature.


Hi Pedro,

Yes it’s on the list. I guess this week should be ok.

Had to do a lot of coding of the build-jobs that can be read back now last weeks.
Also support structure editing has been improved a lot in last release.



Wonderful! Can’t wait to test it out. Any guess when a new version will be released?


I think early next week somewhen we have an update again.


Tested the feature, it works wonderfully! I can’t imagine that it’s simple to get the geometry to match up…lovely addition, that sold me on Formware, thank you!


you’re welcome!