Rocket 1 Pro - Hitry


I was one of the early backers and after long awaited time I just received my Rocket 1 Pro Hitry printer. As we have very little data on what users are experiencing I would like to ask if FormWare wll support the printer or is it your plans to add it?

So far I believe you can only use or export as a .ctb file for the printer to print something. Thank you for your time.


i think they just have CTB format?


Yes currently the printer reads .ctb format.

If you look in the chitubox Hitry printer you can see the settings how they are.


I’m also a backer of this printer, still waiting for it :smile:
I would love to see support for the Rocket too!
I have high expectations on what the upside-down technology can bring to the versatility of resin printing in general, especially in the aspects of having the current added layers exposed, so that you can add secondary material/fibers/fasteners etc. to any layer in between/during the UV-hardening.

A robust pause function would be nice, and maybe be able to ask the software to pause at a specific layer/layers, and that printer waits for me to resume the printing at that layer.
Maybe also allow for control of variable exposure time and dipping-depth etc. that would help fiddling with stuff on the printed object during the print. Such functions have not been for much use before, but potentially it could be of interest now with upside-down-tech reaching more users :slight_smile:


Its indeed a new thing to experience with for sure. As of now the printer has default settings to get you going and yes it does have a Stop function and a Pause function which response promptly.

Only thing at the moment I’m getting the “Z axis to zero” to work properly is a bit of a learning curve as its not done in a spoken language. In plain language you have to "Edit in Manual, press Home, then adjust Z axis to location of your choosing, exit menu, then hit “Z axis to zero” (a message appears saying this will reset your Z axis to proceed?) which is confusing thinking you are resetting but in fact you are confirming to set the Z to your previous movements.

Either way I’m getting in contact and I’m trying to explain to them as my resin drops (3,250 Filler + 500g Resin) even after adjusting the Z axis , it won’t drop to the preferred location. I ask if I can mod the printers .gcode but they advice not to lol.

I’ll keep on testing to see if its a user error on my part but so far prints that come out are superior to my other resin printer in my opinion.

These are the options from chitubox settings